About us

In Varsseveld, The Netherlands, KROV BV is processing polyurethane to cast a seamless edge onto all kinds of different panels. This is done using the CAST-FORM® process which was patented in 1988. By working with the CAST-FORM® process we can cast any edge shape, in every color onto a large variety of different panel types.

This innovative, industrial process was developed by Mr. Kromkamp, founder of KROV BV. He was able to establish a strong position in the market of office furniture and shop fitting where the advantage of the impact resistant polyurethane edge, produced accordingly to the CAST-FORM process was immediately recognized.

KROV BV now sells throughout all Northern Europe. Under certain conditions it is also possible to get a license on the CAST-FORM® process when this is the best option for a certain market.

KROV BV believes strongly in partnership. During the development of impact resistant and or consistent products an intensive and creative cooperation between our customer and KROV BV is essential. A way of operating that, from the beginning, had a great and positive contribution to the development of KROV BV.

Our strength

KROV BV is a very flexible organization. You can order a complete product but in case you have the ability to produce parts of the product yourselves we can also limited our involvement to just casting the polyurethane. We have reliable partners for a number of industrial processes that could be useful for you.

Our team


KROV BV has issued licenses to a number of companies on its unique, patented CAST-FORM® technique. Two of the most important licenses are issued to 1. A German producer of special doors to create impact resistant doors mainly for hospitals and 2. a producer of rental tables also to create a impact resistant edge on their tables.
Would you be interested in obtaining a license on the CAST-FORM® for a good edge protection please contact us to discuss the possibilities for a good edging technique that has proven its value over more than 25 years.