Our markets

Train interior

Within the public transportation the CAST-FORM® technique is a very good tool to create enough impact resistance for your components. For an increased passive safety it is now considered to provide train tables with an edge of minimum 40 mm. thickness. These safety edges can be created very easily using the CAST-FORM® technique and can be applied even onto much smaller table panels. The polyurethane used within the CAST-FORM® technique meets the fire resistance requirements of the European regulations of the EN 45545 and the FAR 25 (aircraft certification). With the CAST-FORM® technique KROV can process plywood panels as well as sandwich panels based on foam or honeycomb.

  • Back panels of train seats

    KROV BV casts a polyurethane edge to back panels of train seats. These back panels are based on plywood for its high comfort level. Since parts in trains have to meet the very high fire resistant regulations KROV BV casts an edge with the highest level of fire resistance and an impact resistant edge to these panels. Using the CAST-FORM® technique extra features can be implemented into the edge.

  • Train tables with an aluminum honeycomb base

    More and more trains are designed as a temporary workspace. Designers design these workspaces in such a way that the passengers can work during their train travel. Weight of the total train is getting increasingly important and therefore lightweight solutions are used. With the CAST-FORM® technique an edge can be casted to all kinds of lightweight panels, even with an upcoming edge.

  • Train tables based on plywood with an safety edge

    Plywood is a common used base for train tables. Passive safety is more and more an important issue within the train interior. Using the high impact resistant polyurethane a passive safe edge can be realized easily.

  • Side walls in mountain trains

    Mountain trains are moving up and down over a fixed track. Seats are therefore specially designed. These steel seats need a protection on the sides. The plywood side panels is edged by KROV BV using the CAST-FORM® technique.

  • Edging complete seats with the CAST-FORM® technique

    A complete train seat with a 3-D curving can be edged by the CAST-FORM® technique from KROV BV. This gives a fire resistant edge protection with high impact resistance. For this application KROV BV did develop a special mold to meet the complex construction.

  • partitioners

    In several train partitioners are placed to increase the passenger safety. Based on the partitioners demands these partitioners are based on aluminum honeycomb. With the CAST-FORM® technique these partitioners can be edged.

Office and school furniture

A polyurethane edge, applied with the CAST-FORM® technique has excellent impact resistant properties and is therefore very useful on office and school furniture. The durability of these products increases and it is also possible to create an ergonomic edge onto the different desks. All RAL and NCS colors can be applied and also special features can be implemented in the edge.

  • Ergonomic edges onto an office desk

    Ergonomics are getting more important. A combination of ergonomics and durability can easily be realized using the CAST-FORM® technique. As designers you have a lot of freedom in the design process with respect to the edge shape. KROV BV did produce the LIFE line office desks which have an ergonomic edge.

  • Lab table with grove

    This lab table is covered with a ceramic panel and in the edge a grove in implemented. In the grove a Plexiglas sheet can be placed which makes it possible for a chemistry teacher to give a demonstration to students. The students do not need protective clothes which is an advantage.

Shop Fitting

The CAST-FORM® technique offers the designers a great deal of design freedom in the development process. Negative release angles are not an issue for the CAST-FORM® technique and different shapes within one edge are also possible. KROV BV has experience with casting edges over 12 mm. thickness, which leads to an impact resistant edge. Besides the freedom of shapes also a complete freedom in colors is a very positive aspect.

  • A 3-D counter

    We can cast each shape of edge you design.

  • A special shape for an exclusive shop concept

    In this case the CAST-FORM® technique is used as a construction tool to create a special shape.


The CAST-FORM® technique enables KROV BV also to serve also a large variety of other, more technical applications. Some examples of technical applications are an air inlet in a sandwich panel, an armrest, or covering a grip out of steel.

  • Air inlet in a sandwich panel

    This sandwich panel is based on EPS. In order to protect against clipping this EPS material is molded with a polyurethane cover. Shut of valves van can be integrally cast easily.

  • Covering with a polyurethane grip

    Can be realized in every color even with a company logo.

  • A light line from LED

    LED is created by a large amount of light spots. In this case the architects did wish to have one light line. We created with polyurethane a strip that makes the LED lights diffuse. Other application of this solution can be used in parking houses and in roads. Polyurethane is very abrasion resistant.

  • A polyurethane housing in order to protect the electronics

    This EPS sensor box has to be closed for moisture so a polyurethane housing is made in this EPS sandwich panel. The upcoming edge closes the sensor box together with the surface plate for moisture contamination.