Our production process

KROV BV is processing polyurethane with their our own patented casting technique CAST-FORM®. We cast all kinds of different shapes and the polyurethane in all RAL and/or NCS colors. The polyurethane can be applied and an edging solution, a surface protection or in special technical applications.

We start a project by discussing with the customers the requirements of performance. The next step is to translate these demands into a mold design for the production. When the mold, with an average price between € 1.500,- and € 3.000,-, is ready the production of your product can start.

The semi-finished product on which KROV has to process the polyurethane can be supplied by the customer. KROV BV mixes the right polyurethane system for the application in the demanded color. When all the preparations are ready the production can start. The mold will be placed on the casting table and the casting machine will be filled with the needed polyurethane system.

The semi-finished product will be placed in the mold, the mold is closed and the liquid polyurethane is injected into the mold. After the curing time, when the polyurethane has finished its chemical reaction the polyurethane is solid. Now the end product can be taken out of the mold, the product can be finished and the quality control will take place.

At KROV BV a 100 % quality control takes place due to our way of operating. The products are packed is the way as agreed with the customer and made ready for shipment.

The production steps

  • Mold construction and control
  • Preparation of the model and the flexible mold
  • Polyurethane coloring and checking
  • Placing the semi-finished product in the mold
  • Injecting of the polyurethane in the mold
  • Product finishing and quality control
  • Assembling the final product
  • Packaging of the final product

The production process in plain view

  • Mold construction

    After punctual preparation in close cooperation with the customer it is decided how the mold should be constructed. Based on drawings the steel parts are produced and checked for the right measurements.

  • Checking of the mold

    Once the mold is constructed to the demands of the customer it is checked again in order to be certain that KROV BV will supply you, our customer with the product quality you may expect from a professional specialist.

  • Model and mold preparation

    After the steel parts of the mold are ready the model, a one to one duplicate of the final product, will be prepared with the right surface structure. The next and final step is molding of the flexible mold.

  • Coloring the polyurethane

    Before the production can start we have to color the right polyurethane to your design. As our customer you have a large freedom of choice in color and polyurethane systems. This may vary from fire resistant PU, translucent PU, non-aging PU or bullet proof PU. With the different PU type we can also differ the hardness of the PU and you can get solid PU or PU foam.

  • Placing the semi-finished product in the mold

    Before the semi-finished product is placed in the mold we apply a release agent in the mold to prevent the polyurethane sticking to the mold. In some cases the semi-finished product is prepared also.

  • The mold with the semi-finished product is placed in the mold

    Once the semi-finished product is placed in the flexible mold this is positioned in the steel mold in a way that the edge thickness is consistent around the product.

  • Closing the mold

    After a carefully positioning of the product in the mold we apply pressure to close the mold for polyurethane leakage.

  • Injecting polyurethane into the mold

    When the semi-finished product is fixated in the mold we start to inject the right polyurethane into open space within the mold.

  • Product finishing and checking

    Depending on the amount of injected polyurethane the curing time will take a certain time. Once the polyurethane is fully cured the mold is opened and the final product is taken out. Now the product is finished and the quality check is done.

  • Product assembly (preparing for the next production step)

    On request of the customer KROV BV can also assemble the product. This can mean preparing the product for the next step in the production process.

  • Product assembly (finishing the product for supply to the end user)

    For several customers KROV BV assembles the complete final product and provide with the consumer packaging. We are very flexible in order to meet the needs and demands of our customer.

  • Packaging of the final product

    In cooperation with the customer the best way of packaging is chosen. KROV BV can advise the customer based on its long-lasting experience of the past 25 years.